The impact of high frequency offenders on the operation of the criminal justice system in British Columbia

This internship is designed to analyse the impact of high frequency offenders (HFO) on the criminal justice system in British Columbia. Research indicates that HFOs have a substantial impact on police reported offences, the court system and the corrections system. Through a partnership with the Ministry of Justice of British Columbia and Sierra Systems, an IT service and consulting firm, the internship will work on business analytics to support HFO analysis for data experts and business experts within the MOJ. The work includes leveraging the expertise of the intern on the operational databases of the MOJ, which were built and are maintained by Sierra Systems. The first part of the internship is devoted to the extraction and analysis of HFO data and includes a report on the outcomes of the analysis. The second part is focused on developing, calibrating and validating a queue network model that differentiates between HFOs and non-HFOs and tracks the differential resource consumption of accused and offenders through the court and corrections systems. The mathematical model will provide the MOJ with a planning and analysis tool for policy changes in regards to HFOs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alexander (Sandy) Rutherford


Christopher Giles


Sierra Systems Inc.






Simon Fraser University



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