The Future of Mandatory Charging for Intimate Partner Violence: Status quo or alternative direction? Phases II and III

According to the Ontario Domestic Violence Advisory Council (DVAC, 2009), legislative responses to violence against women were introduced across Canada in the 1980s. These policies included provisions for mandatory police-laid charges against perpetrators of domestic violence. The DVAC report noted numerous unintended negative consequences of these policies and recommended an impact study which was never conducted. This 2nd and 3rd phase of a 12 month research project will administer and analyze the results of data gained by surveying abused women, service providers and police regarding the impacts of mandatory charging on abused women and their families. This project provides a first step for police and partners (e.g. Violence Against Women Coordinating Committees across Ontario such as OCTEVAW, Crown Attorneys) in developing more effective responses to domestic violence and reducing associated costs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Holly Johnson


Deborah Conners


Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women




Management of companies and enterprises


University of Ottawa



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