The Impact of Knowledge Transfer in International Business on Early Childhood Education

This research focuses on three substantive areas (1) curriculum and instruction in early childhood education, (2) international relationships and partnerships in international business and (3) business management in knowledge transfers related to the challenges and possibilities of how early childhood education engages the various national settings in the global context. This study will identify the tensions between the goals of Canadian and Chinese partners. These tensions will be explored using a specific Canadian curriculum applied to a Chinese kindergarten. The intent of the research is threefold: (1) is to aid in the development of international business opportunities, as well as nurture management relationships in the early childhood education industry; (2) to help both international scholars and practitioners understand how certain cultural aspects and economic characteristics with classroom applications can be found in both Canada and China.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mary Bernard


Liton Furukawa


Zhejiang University of Technology




Finance, insurance and business


Royal Roads University



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