The Impact of Pre-Project Planning and Upfront Investment on Construction Project Delivery Efficiencies

Cost overruns, schedule delays, and sometimes disputes and even litigations have been a pervasive issue in Canadian construction industry. This applied research study is commissioned to establish a solid empirical relationship between project delivery efficiencies and project owners’ upfront investment on design and consulting services. The study plans to employ personal interviews, project database development, and data analyses as the key research methods to disentangle the complex impact network of project performance from pre-project planning to the closing of a construction project. The results are expected to provide an objective ground for a change in investment policies in public infrastructure. From a neutral, third party perspective, the study also provides an opportunity for the construction industry to improve the public imag

Faculty Supervisor:

Arnold Yuan


Yuehua Zhuang


Construction and Design Alliance of Ontario


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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