The Impact of Renovations in Long Term Care Living Spaces on Residents with Dementia, their Families and the Staff that Care for Them

Riverview Health Centre (RHC) plans to renovate their special care units and grounds, which accommodate 60 residents with intermediate and advanced stages of dementia. The main purpose of this study is to examine the effects of the renovations on residents, family and staff using a multi-methods research approach and a multi-disciplinary team of researchers (i.e., architecture, sociology, kinesiology, clinical psychology, pharmacy, nutrition, nursing, and health sciences). Interns will be exposed to a wide variety of research methods as well as have the opportunity to work on a multi-disciplinary team. Interns will also learn about how to conduct research in a long term care setting and work with individuals with dementia. There is very little information about how renovations affect residents in long term care and even less information about how it affects residents with dementia. RHC will gain valuable information about the renovation and its effect on residents, family and staff.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michelle Porter


Katelyn Grisim


Riverview Health Centre




Medical devices


University of Manitoba



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