The importance of nutrition for ice hockey players

One aspect of hockey science that remains elusive is the role of nutrition in performance. We propose to study the dietary intake of hockey players and also examine their nutritional knowledge with a questionnaire. We will also examine the nutritional knowledge of athletic trainers and examine the role that they play from a nutritional point of view on advising ice hockey players. Lastly we will examine how important fuel provision during hockey is to maintain on-ice hockey playing performance. We believe that these studies will further enhance our ability to provide hockey-specific education to parents, coaches, trainers and the athletes through product claims, educational resources and potentially to drive innovation. It is only through science-based evidence that we can provide this accurate and credible information that can allow at athlete to perform at their best. PepsiCo Canada (Gatorade) has a long history of supporting research that can help us understand athletes. These proposed studies will help support innovation (product development), athlete testing services, and educational programs to support their performance and development and to help trainers and coaches ensure that they can provide the most current and relevant information to athletes of all ages. Gatorade Canada has a specific focus on hockey this information will help drive our business, including educational seminars with Gatorade Canada partners (e.g., Hockey Canada, OHL), in social media to educate athletes, and in other media channels designed to reach athletes and their influencers, and to understand barriers to consumption of our products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lawrence L. Spriet


Jamie Whitfield, Kyle Boorsma & Samantha Logan


PepsiCo Canada


Human physical performance and recreation



University of Guelph



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