The influence of biomass pretreatment technologies on the residual lignin fast pyrolysis

Recently, global society has been trying to develop biorefinery processes to produce renewable, biomass based, fuels and chemicals to enable the transition to a more environmentally friendly economy that is less dependent on fossil fuels. However, it is still very challenging to achieve the cost-effective biorefinery process due to some issues associated with the recalcitrant biomass structure and the potential utilization of lignin. Lignin is world’s second largest biopolymer and a major potential source for production of advanced materials and aromatic chemicals. Lignin valorization is a key-issue for enhanced profitability of sustainable biorefineries. The major goal of this proposed research is to unlock the utilization of lignin residual in the bioethanol production by fast pyrolysis process. Meanwhile, the influence of the pretreatment technology in bioethanol production on the fast pyrolysis bio-oil production will be explored. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaotao Bi


Na Zhong


St1 Renewable Energy Oy


Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy




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