The influence of premature calcification on the performance of the transcatheter heart valve

The proposed project is aimed to provide information on the mechanism of premature calcification in the Transcatheter Aortic Valves through a complete investigation of the physicochemical factors influencing the process (chemical composition, pH, temperature, fluid dynamics, and the presence of foreign inorganic and organic substances). The outcome of the proposed research project would allow formulation of the test criterions for proper identification of the valve design prone to premature, flow-induced calcification. The outcome of the proposed research would allow industrial partner, ViVitro Labs Inc., to expand the range of their testing services towards the evaluation of the functional efficiency and biocompatibility of the implant prototypes with respect to flow-induced calcification, allowing predetermining the risk of second operation for the substitution of the defective implant. In addition to that, industrial partner would be able to propose a commercial system, capable of monitoring the process of flow-induced calcification, to its clients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Peter Oshkai


Oleksandr Barannyk


ViVitro Labs Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Medical devices


University of Victoria



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