The kinematics and chemistry of Au-bearing quartz veins, Ruby Creek, British Columbia

The area around Atlin, northern BC, contains high concentrations of gold in river gravels. This gold came from gold-bearing quartz veins, which were eroded by the rivers. Different researchers have proposed that the gold in these quartz veins is sourced from mantle rocks, or two different granites nearby. The recent discovery of gold-bearing quartz veins in drill-core in one of these granites offers new insights into their formation. This proposal aims to characterize these veins and relate them to the tectonics and other mineral occurences in the area using their chemistry, geometry and physical properties. Knowing the source of gold is crucial for the exploration industry working in the area because they rely on robust geological models to inform their exploration strategy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kenneth Hickey


Andrew Steiner


Stuhini Exploration Ltd


Geography / Geology / Earth science



University of British Columbia



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