The/La Collaborative Social Innovation. Developing capacity building oportunities for community service agencies

The non-profit sector is in the midst of an upheaval. The pressure of shrinking government budgets, a culture of austerity and fiscal conservatism, access to big data, and trends in corporate philanthropy, are creating new challenges and new opportunities for the sector to position themselves as powerful change agents. In an environment of scarcity, collaborating with other sectors and using evidence based decision making is crucial to ensuring that every dollar goes as far as possible. This creates an opportunity for not-for-profits to gain advice from research experts from university to build their capacities. This project will look at the best way for not-for-profit organizations to collaborate with universities to fulfill their aims. It will also look at how these collaborations are improved through skills training, co-design workshops, and collaboration protocols, and the generalization of this model and processes to support social innovation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sandra Lapointe


Robert Bryant


United Way of Halton & Hamilton





McMaster University



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