The Limits of Solidarity

The Limits of Solidarity is an original transmedia research/creation project for new screens, creatively and critically investigating various practices and projects of global solidarity that engage with issues of gender and sexuality. Using imaginative hybrids of fictive, experimental and documentary forms (in the expanded essay tradition of such artists as Farocki, Biemann, Fung) and in particular exploiting the seeming authority of the 'fake' image-text document (in the manner of such artists as Ra'ad, Puig, Sebald), The Limits of Solidarity will create creative and critical transmedia 'responses' to several global solidarity campaigns, including ones that target crises in Uganda, St. Petersburg, Iran/Iraq, and Jamaica. These responses will include: an original website; a short dance/opera film; and a research study investigating the efficacy of 'new stories for new screens.'

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Janine Marchessault


Andrew Bartlett & Chase Joynt


Greyzone Ltd.




Digital media


York University



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