The One Love Network: Examining Customers’ Satisfaction and Loyalty in a Charity-Based Reward System

The goal of the current proposal is to evaluate the effectiveness of a rewards program that incorporates social responsibility into the product/service purchase. Whereas other reward programs provide the reward to the program member, this program instead allots a part of the purchase to the member to later donate to a charity of their choice (that must be connected with the program). This rewards program is a novel approach to creating customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is proposed that the novel nature of this reward program will create more satisfied customer because they will want to earn rewards instead of feeling obligated or that they have to. Moreover, this affective commitment (i.e., want to) is proposed to also influence customer spending behaviour by increasing the average amount they spend per purchase. These findings will help provide initial support for the partner organization to demonstrate that their reward program is advantageous to consumers, organizations, and society through charitable giving.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Natalie Allen


Hayden Woodley


One Love Network




Finance, insurance and business


Western University



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