The Perceived Use of Electronic Identification-Based Wearables in Medication Administration in Long-Term Care

Medication errors are common in long-term care homes, as older adults are at an increased-risk of experiencing medication errors. Additionally, most older adults living in long-term care homes have dementia, and few can identify themselves; this increases the risk of a medication error. Tap2Tag Medical Ltd. offers the Tap2Tag Medical Alert Bracelet. The bracelet encompasses a personal health record which, once ‘tapped’ by a smartphone, loads a ‘profile’ onto the web browser of the phone. Essentially, the wearable speaks for the individual as the profile can communicate the person’s name, medication allergies, etc.
The purpose of this research project is to understand whether the Tap2Tag Medical Alert Bracelet can help aide nurses limit the amount of medication errors. This is an observational study that seeks to understand whether these bracelets could help, or hinder care staff. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Norman Archer


Andrea Wurster


Tap2Tag Canada




Medical devices




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