The politics of clinical trials in a pandemic: The role of the blood service indeveloping a treatment for COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of clinical trials are currently ongoing to evaluate the effectiveness of convalescent plasma derived from individuals who have recovered from COVID-19. As a licensed plasma collector for transfusible plasma and the National blood operator (outside Quebec), Canadian Blood Services has consequently taken on a unique role in several nationally and internationally coordinated clinical trials. This project will generate critical knowledge to explore the experiences and key challenges faced by Canadian Blood Services related to when and how to partner with a variety of actors within the clinical trials landscape. Our findings will thus inform the development of clinical trials governance policies, processes, and Formulaire de demande Mitacs Accélération Mitacs-SSHRC Joint Initiative- Accelerate Proposal Streamline Application V01_2018 20 of 22 protocols at Canadian Blood Services aimed at ensuring research integrity, public accountability, and equitable allocation of plasma products. We will also explore how CBS leverages its credibility, expertise and resources to recruit donors for clinical trials.

Faculty Supervisor:

Quinn Grundy


Ridwaanah Ali;Chantal Campbell


Canadian Blood Services





University of Toronto



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