The potential for ground mustard seed to improve the environment in the farrowing room for sows and piglets

Mustard is grown throughout Western Canada, primarily for use as a condiment. However, mustard growers are seeking other uses for this crop. Of interest is the potential of ground mustard as an anti-microbial. Mustard contains a compound called glucosinolate, which under the right conditions can be converted to isothiocyanate, a proven anti-microbial. This study will determine if rubbing a small amount of ground mustard on the skin of baby piglets, or placed in the sows’ environment, will reduce the environmental pathogen load those piglets are exposed to. This will be accomplished by adding the ground mustard to potato starch which is currently used to dry the piglets shortly after birth. Results may indicate new markets and uses for ground mustard while aiding pork producers with a new strategy to keep their piglets healthy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Denise Beaulieu


Josiane Carla Panisson


Prairie Swine Centre Inc.


Animal science




University of Saskatchewan



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