The Potential of the Green Building Council Network to Influence National Policy Development Regarding the Built Environment and Sustainability

This research project will focus on gathering knowledge around policy development related to sustainability and the built environment. By working with a network of organizations (the Green Building Council Network) first hand experiences can be gathered on how Green Building Councils around the world have been able to come together with their national governments and guide green building policy development. The information will be gathered using a questionnaire that will be passed around to each Green Building Council. In addition, green building policy reports that have been published in the past will be reviewed in order to better understand which policies have been successful across different parts of the world. The research done will then be used to help guide discussions around the next Climate Change Protocol that will take place at the UNFCCC Conference in Copenhagen, December 2009.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Arlene Gould


Dominika Czerwinska


World Green Building Council


Resources and environmental management


Environmental industry


York University



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