The Power of Archival Records in Independent Schools

This research will look to explore the ingest, management, preservation, use, and re-use of archives within primary and secondary independent schools with more academic rigour than has been attempted in the past. Independent schools have unique challenges that differ from those faced by public schools. The purpose of this study is to inductively create a very detailed analysis of the relationships between the records that are created at an independent school and their uses (and re-uses). Key concepts will emerge from the rich qualitative data, identifying problem areas. This will inform the design of one or two practical solutions created in collaboration with relevant staff, faculty or student groups to improve the quality of school administrative or curricular activities, strengthen relations with their community, and/or enrich the archive itself through outreach activities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eun Park


Morgannis Graham


Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School


Library and museum studies






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