The Praxis of Agroecology: Sharing Knowledge and Engaging Policy

This research represents the evolution of an existing partnership between USC Canada and Food: Globally Embedded, Locally Engaged (FLEdGE), a SSHRC Partnership Grant project conducting community-based research on sustainable food systems. The intern will work with these partners to explore the theory and action of agroecology and food sovereignty at the global level and the implications this may have for the future of food systems in Canada. Through primary and secondary research, this project aims to explore the successes and limitations of agroecology in order to expand this work in Canada. The outcomes will benefit USC Canada by increasing their research capacity, assisting in data analysis and knowledge dissemination while also building connections to researcher and policy-maker partners through FLEdGE. Agroecology has the potential to transform Canada?s food system to be more healthy, equitable, and sustainable, qualities which are increasingly important for the longevity and success of Canadian agriculture.

Faculty Supervisor:

Charles Levkoe


Julia Laforge


USC Canada






Lakehead University



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