The production of pellets made from biochar and waste organic material for soil amendment

Recent studies demonstrated that biochar produced from the thermochemical decomposition of biomass at high temperatures without oxygen (pyrolysis) can be used as a soil amendment to improve soil properties, sequester carbon and reduce soil greenhouse gas emissions. However, uniform and safe application of biochar in field is a drawback, due to the low density and particle size of biochar. Thus, the general objective of this internship research project is to produce pellets made from biochar that could be used for soil amendment in order to improve soil physico-chemical properties. Waste organic residues will be blended with biochar and the optimal pelletizing operating parameters for producing a pellet with a potential to be used as a soil amendment will be identified. It is expected that this project will provide a new solution for the valorization of the agricultural and agri-food residues.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vijaya Raghavan


Patrick Brassard


Granulart inc.




Environmental industry




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