The Raglan Community Social Involvement (CSI) Project: Developing a Comprehensive Model with Inuit Partners

Raglan Mine is developing new, strategic and aligned approaches to its Community Social Involvement (CSI) program. The aim of this program is to partner with others to deliver long lasting value through programs of capacity building, and community social and economic development. This proposed research project involves further developing a comprehensive Community Social Involvement (CSI) model that responds to the needs and desires of both Raglan Mine and the villages of Nunavik. To do this, the intern will work closely with representatives from Glencore-Xstrata (head office), Raglan Mine, regional and local Inuit leaders, representatives from Inuit organizations, as well as community members. This Action-Research will benefit Raglan Mine because it responds to the desire of the company to create a lasting positive legacy in the communities closest to it. The comprehensive framework (CSI model) that will emerge from the results of this research project will not only form the basis for immediate action in Nunavik in 2014, but it will also serve as the foundation for other such initiatives in the future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Caroline Desbiens


Ellen Avard


Raglan Mine


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Mining and quarrying


Université Laval



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