The role of dairy consumption on variations in response to lifestyle factors in youth and adults

Obesity has increased drastically since the late 1970s and unhealthy eating habits are just one of the causes. Some studies have shown that consuming dairy products such as yogurt helps control body weight in both adults and children. However, factors such as genetics and environment (e.g. dietary and lifestyle factors) may play a role in this response as children who have an obese parent or live in low-income neighborhoods are more likely to become obese adults. The aim of this research is to look at the relationship between dairy intake, body weight and composition and metabolic health in children and adolescents at risk of obesity (i.e. at least one parent with obesity) and to examine the role of dairy in response to exercise and weight loss on body weight and metabolic health parameters. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Vicky Drapeau


Shirin Panahi



Visual arts


Medical devices




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