The role of forest governance in food and livelihood security: A case study of NIRMAN, Odisha, India

This project is based on how the communities which rely on the forests of different regions within the state of Odisha, India, cope with and adapt to environmental and social challenges in relation to their daily lives and livelihoods. Using local ecological, social, and cultural knowledge, I will analyze environmental, social and policy challenges, and their impacts on the community livelihoods. I will also analyze the adaptation strategies used by the forest communities and examine the influence of other stakeholders in this area. Outcomes of the research project may assist others in understanding the environmental and social challenges and changes and their causes in the region and may contribute to crafting novel governance arrangements to deal with future challenges. This may drive the recommendation of future adaptation strategies and possible policy changes in the region as well as in other areas experiencing similar challenges.

Faculty Supervisor:

Prateep Kumar Nayak


Kaitlin Murray



Environmental sciences



University of Waterloo


Globalink Research Award

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