The Search for Unconventional Ores at the Sudbury Structure: Offset Dyke and Sudbury Breccia-Hosted Deposits

The Ni–Cu ores of the Sudbury region were first discovered in 1883. Since then, Sudbury has grown to be the richest mining district in North America. Sudbury represents the site of a meteorite impact structure originally greater than 200 km in diameter and that formed 1.85 billion years ago. Despite the proven and potential economic benefits of resource development at Sudbury, there are still major outstanding questions concerning our understanding of the structure and its ore deposits, in particular the Cu-Ni-PGE deposits in the footwall of the Sudbury Igneous Complex. This proposal seeks to further the understanding of the origin and emplacement of so-called Sudbury Breccia and Offset Dykes that will enable new exploration strategies for finding new deposits in the large, relatively unexplored properties owned by Wallbridge Mining Company Limited.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gordon R. Osinski


Eric Pilles,Adam Coulter & Denise Anders


Centre for Excellence in Mining & Technica Mining


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Mining and quarrying


Western University



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