The Sherbrooke Personalized Cancer Avatar Model Initiative: A Feasibility Study of Treatment Guided by the Combination of DNA Profiling and Next-Generation Medical Avatars in Patients with Advanced Kidney Cancer

We recently developed a rapid and cost-effective pre-clinical technology that is well suited for precision medicine –the ex ovo chicken embryo ChorioAllantoic Membrane (CAM) assay. Our goal is to perform a pilot study that combines tumor genotyping data and the use of personalized CAMavatars, to predict drug sensitivity in renal cancer patients and to test newly developed cancer therapies. We also propose technical advances to the CAM technology and the development of a humanized CAMavatar model that can be used for testing immunotherapy. We expect to establish this next-generation Avatar model as state-of–the-art screening facility for personalized cancer drug development and in patients’ treatment options. For IBio, the development of an improved CAMavatar technology proposed herein will increase the number and scope of new partnerships in the field of therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies, resulting in at least one to two jobs created per new agreement. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Claire Dubois


Kelly Harper


ProMetic Biosciences


Visual arts


Medical devices




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