The use of improved antibody drug conjugates for targeted treatment of bladder cancer

Bladder cancer is the fifth most common form of cancer in Canada, however progress in the development of safer and more effective therapies has been slow. The use of antibody drug conjugates (ADC) is a promising therapeutic option that would allow for targeted killing of cancer cells, if the obstacle of getting the drug inside the cell can be overcome. The proposed research project aims to use iProgen’s Antibody Internalization Domain technology to engineer ADCs targeted to bladder cancer, which can be readily taken into the cell. These improved ADCs will be tested in a number of pre-clinical cancer models, including a cutting-edge model in which human tumours are implanted into mice, creating avatars of the patient’s cancer. iProgen Biotech will benefit from the cell biology expertise of the candidate, the oncology expertise of Dr. Black, and the use of UBC’s infrastructure, including animal facilities, and research equipment and space.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Black


Morgan Elizabeth Roberts






Life sciences


University of British Columbia



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