The use of Wollastonite to enhance fresh and mechanical properties of concrete

This research project with Canadian Wollastonite, a company focused on the commercial development of a high grade wollastonite deposits located north of the St. Lawrence River in the eastern part of the Canadian province of Ontario, investigates the possibility of using the natural mineral to enhance the properties of concrete. The project will look at three main uses of wollastonite in concrete: (1) as reinforcement to enhance the tensile strength of concrete, (2) as mineral filler to obtain self‐flowable concrete; and (3) as filler to improve strength gain of concrete. Tensile strength is an important property of many concrete applications including pavements. Achieving high tensile strength will produce pavements of longer service life. Flowable concrete or self consolidating concrete is a concrete that consolidate under its own weight without the need to apply vibration. This concrete has many benefits including reduced levels of noise and labour fatigue during construction. The use of wollastonite in this type of concrete is expected to enhance its consistency and self-levelling properties.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Medhat Shehata


Hyder Jahim


Canadian Wollastonite




Construction and infrastructure


Ryerson University



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