The validity and reproducibility of web-based questionnaires assessing diet and psychosocial factors in adult men and women

Sustainable health, which includes good physical, mental and social well-being, is affected by many factors. Some studies have shown that consuming dairy products such as yogurt and fruits and vegetables help control body weight in both adults and children. However, factors such as the environment (e.g. dietary, lifestyle, emotional and social factors) may play a role in this response. Furthermore, simple tools are needed in order to be able to assess some of these factors in both the research and clinical setting. The aim of this research is to examine the validity and reproducibility of simple online questionnaires that assess the diet, lifestyle, emotional and social factors in the university community. This project will also benefit Alliance Santé Québec who will test and implement a new interactive technological platform (Data Lake concept), which allows for analysis of existing or new cohorts, making available new datasets about proximity ecosystems and eventually, access to other cohorts. This will allow better identification and characterization of other environmental factors associated with dietary and lifestyle factors, for example, and extension of existing cohorts to answer population health-related questions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vicky Drapeau


Shirin Panahi



Visual arts


Medical devices




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