Theoretical investigation of Asphaltene/Wax precipitation and deposition from crude oil: Study involving Nucleation kinetics and Bulk/Interfacial properties

The pipeline transport sector is facing the issue of precipitation of unwanted heavy molecular compounds namely asphaltene and wax eventually leading to deposit along the inner walls of the pipeline. This consumes a lot of energy and maintenance cost. The objective of this work is to provide a solution to inhibit the precipitation of these compounds by theoretically investigating the root cause of the problem. The present study focuses on investigation at both molecular scale level involving Nucleation kinetics and macroscopic level by studying bulk/interfacial properties of the system. The outcome of this project will benefit the partner organization by providing them a solution for effectively testing/selecting there newly developed inhibitors in the laboratory before being implemented onsite, thereby helping them to reduce the number of field trails.

Faculty Supervisor:

Prashant Waghmare


Bharath Kattemalalwadi


Camber Technology Corporation


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies


University of Alberta



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