Therapeutic efficacy of tryptamine analogues in a PC12 Cell as a model of depression via assessment of neurite outgrowth and enhanced cellular viability

There is a growing body of evidence that certain combinations of bioactives derived from natural source products may have potent effect on neuritogenesis and foster neuronal cell viability. The effect of neuron plasticity suggests there are potential treatments of major neurodegenerative and psychiatric conditions. In this project we are proposing to use a robust in vitro cell model to test an array of bioactive compounds and combinations in collaboration with Seneca’s School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry to assess the impact of these combinations on neurogenesis, neuritogenesis, and cell viability, among other measures proposed by the research team. We will determine which combinations provide the greatest effects in cell culture, which will guide our company in further studies for developing new therapeutics for potential treatments of these conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Merante


Brenda Nagahara;Phan Y Nhi Nguyen


Diamond Therapeutics Inc.






Seneca College



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