Thermal analysis of heat capture and upgrade systems for thermochemical hydrogen production

In order to meet Canada’s need for emissions-free hydrogen fuel, we aim to develop the Copper-Chlorine (Cu-Cl) thermochemical hydrogen production cycle into a pilot-plant which can be used to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of the process. An important portion of this development is research into how to integrate the Cu-Cl cycle with a waste heat source. By utilizing waste heat capture and upgrade, the Cu-Cl cycle can generate hydrogen fuel using energy that otherwise would be radiated into the environment. This project will involve a thermodynamic model of the Cu-Cl cycle which integrates waste heat capture and upgrade systems, allowing for multiple industrial waste heat sources to be considered. This model would also help the integration of the Cu-Cl cycle with dedicated thermal sources to generate large amounts of clean, emissions-free hydrogen fuel.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kamiel Gabriel


Leonard Finney


Incubate Innovate Network of Canada




Professional, scientific and technical services


Ontario Tech University


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