Thermal and fluid Flow Analysis of Innovative

With increasingly more stringent emission standards as well as higher fuel economy requirements for modern vehicles, the need for improved or new catalytic converter technologies continues to grow. A new generation of catalytic converters, designed and patented by Vida Fresh Air Corp., offers improved thermal management of the converter over traditional catalytic converters resulting in improved emissions and fuel economy as well as reduced cost. In order to design and develop this technology for different platforms, Vida relies heavily on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to determine the optimal CleanalyticTM design for the best possible performance. In this project, a detailed experimental investigation will be conducted in order to evaluate the thermal and fluid flow characteristics of the CleanalyticTM catalytic converter compared to the baseline converters. The student working in this project will gain a very good practical experience working in a real-world problem of a great benefits to the automotive industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wael Ahmed


Hesham Ibrahim


Vida Holdings Corp




Environmental industry


University of Guelph



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