Thermal characteristics of viruses in humans, specifically COVID-19

The research project will focus on identifying thermal characteristics of COVID-19 in humans and applying the characteristics identified to detect COVID-19 in humans using non-invasive methodologies.

For this project, the thermal characteristics of viruses in humans, specifically COVID-19 will be studied. The aim will be to answer the following questions:

(1) What are the thermal characteristics in COVID-19 patients?
(2) Can thermal imaging be used to specifically identify subjects infected with the virus?
(3) Can this research advance existing thermal imaging solutions to improve current detection methods of COVID-19?

The goal, in part, is to help enable effective responses to viral-based pandemics and, possibly, a solution to help rebuild the Canadian economy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Guido van Marle;Elena Di Martino


Chantelle Marie Anderson


Canada Technology Connection


Engineering - civil


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Calgary



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