Thermodynamic Modeling and Optimization of Pressurized Liquefied Natural Gas in the Presence of Solvent

The current research project aims to assess the PLNG storage condition for obtaining higher methane density. The liquified natural gas/methane is supposed to be shipped into the PLNG terminals. The PLNG market demands high methane density with a trace ethane. To make this happen, the solvent (e.g., C5, C6, and C7) are added to the natural gas for C2+ absorption purpose. Finding optimal pressure, temperature, and solvent composition avoid energy and money loss over the PLNG process. energy consumption minimization in the LNG and PLNG plants is of primary importance as several compression and liquefaction facilities are involved. Thus, toward the optimized operation, the partner organization will be benefit from energy efficient operation as well as achieving high methane density.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sohrab Zendehboudi


Mohammad Mohammadi Baghmolaei


CanaGas Inc.




Professional, scientific and technical services


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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