Three-dimensional numerical simulation tool for the optimization of electromagnetic force feedback actuators

In applications, such as pilot training, the cost and risk of injury can be reduced by using simulation tools. Recently, Iris Dynamics Ltd. has developed a competitively priced controller for aircraft simulation that produces force feedback on the user. Their products are currently used in both pilot training and gaming. When scaling their technology to larger forces they encounter problems of severe heating and requiring large magnets that are unsafe and difficult to handle. To solve these problems, this project will develop the mathematical theory needed for optimization of heat management. Increasing heat efficiency will also enable the use of smaller and easier to handle magnet sizes. The project will contribute to future product designs by increasing their performance and it will contribute to the general knowledge base of the engineering profession.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kenneth Chau


Max Bethune-Waddell


Iris Dynamics Ltd.




Aerospace and defense




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