Tick vectored disease biobank

Lyme disease is one of the many diseases transmitted by ticks. The rate of these diseases is rapidly increasing in Canada. Diagnosing these diseases is difficult but examination of biopsy, necropsy and autopsy tissue can help to understand the full and varied effects of the disease and ultimately reduce misdiagnoses. Biobanks are required for this type of research. Biobanks are a research collection of archived tissue samples, obtained at the request of patients or patient families, with the assistance of patient advocates and the cooperation of their physicians who value research but lack the facilities, infrastructure and molecular tools to conduct this type of research. This project involves establishment of a biobank of tissues from individuals suspected to have a tick-vectored disease and development of the research tools to effectively and definitively query the biobank. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Vett Lloyd


Hasibul Haque


Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation




Medical devices




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