Tillage tool wear simulation using Discrete Element Method

Prepared samples of different metals with simple geometries will be worn in a lab‐based soil tillage operation. The conditions of the tillage operation will be maintained within defined limits (soil moisture content, compaction, and soil texture). At regular intervals of travel, the amount of material removed from the samples during the tillage operation will be quantified. The MITACS ACCELERATE intern will use dedicated software to simulate the wear process during the tillage operation and compare the simulation results with the experimental data. The comparative analysis will include the location and quantities of material removed during tillage. After the accuracy of the model is confirmed, it may then be used to predict the performance of other materials exposed to the same (or different) environment. The model will also be able to predict the response of the samples if the wear process was to continue beyond the duration of the experimental tests.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Trevor Crowe


Lyndon Graff


Innovation Engineering






University of Saskatchewan



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