Time series analysis for forecasting television ratings and market share

Television ratings in Canada are collected by BBM Canada, a not-for-profit organization that serves all the major television networks in Canada. Monthly surveys of 30,000 households collect a range of data on demographic variables and television viewing habits. The proposed research is to investigate models that take into account market swings between various modes of television signal delivery: off-air, cable, digital satellite and digital cable. To date each mode has been modeled separately, but it is important to study the co-variation in market share as customers move from one mode of delivery to another. BBM Canada undertakes to provide accurate and timely estimates of market share for its industry sponsors, based on modeling and forecasting, and more sophisticated models will enhance the quality of these estimates.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Zhou Zhou


Tingting Gu


BBM Canada




Media and communications


University of Toronto



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