Today’s digital family: Patterns of technology use and wellbeing in families with young children

Across Canada, there are widespread and growing concerns about the impact of screen time on the wellbeing of families and young children. Yet research on this topic, particularly that which is specific to mobile technologies (e.g., smartphones, iPads), remains in its infancy. The proposed research will involve a detailed survey of screen time in families with young children (ages 2–5), as well as an assessment of child, parent, and family wellbeing. In addition to self-reporting screen time, families will install an app on their mobile devices to obtain a more detailed and objective measure of technology use in the home. Using advanced statistical methods, we will identify different patterns of technology use and wellbeing. Findings will be used to develop best practices and inform existing interventions employed by our partner organization, Project Literacy, and affiliates, Kelowna Child Care Society and United Way, to encourage healthy technology use among families.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Holtzman


Zakary Draper


Project Literacy Kelowna Society




Medical devices




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