Tool Development for Bolus Shaping in Radiation Therapy

During External-Beam Radiotherapy in cancer therapy, Bolus, a thick sheet of flexible material, is used to cover the skin surface in order to minimize damage healthy tissues. A significant problem of using bolus is air gaps generated between the bolus and patient’s skin if an inaccurate shape of bolus was made. In this research, an efficient process of shaping and cutting bolus will be developed to improve the efficiency and efficacy of bolus forming in order to minimize the air gap. This new approach utilizes an unfolding and folding method. CMD, as a newly established company in the field, will benefit from the outcomes of the project through engaging with the project and sharing experiences between the intern and the employees. This project will provide the innovative technology in cancer therapy and the knowledge behind it, which will be beneficial for the future works of the company.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qingjin Peng


Zohreh Sohrabi Ghareh Tappeh


Canada Medical Device Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing




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