Tools and Strategies for Multi-Stakeholder Sustainability Planning: Toronto Hydro IT Infrastructure Offices Case Study

The Sustainability Office (SO) proposes to work with Toronto Hydro's IT Infrastructure department to develop a comprehensive and integrated sustainability and energy management program. This divisional pilot will serve as a model for progress towards Toronto Hydro's sustainability goal of achieving a reduced environmental footprint operation. Specifically targeting environmental performance in the workplace, the SO intends to evaluate current consumption of resources and design audience specific programs that will reduce the environmental impact of the day-to-day operations at Toronto Hydro's IT Infrastructure department. The result will be a comprehensive sustainability plan, including monitoring and measures of success. Deliverables will include a full scoping report outlining all project goals; a behavioural benchmarking report including opportunities for intervention; a physical benchmarking report containing resource consumption analysis, technological improvement opportunities, and potential strategies; a target setting report synthesizing the target setting exercise; and finally, a full comprehensive sustainability plan with detailed potential approaches.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Beth Savan


David Photiadis


Toronto Hydro Electric Systems Ltd.


Geography / Geology / Earth science




University of Toronto



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