Topology validation, Error detection, and Correction of rooftops 3D models from LiDAR point clouds and Photogrammetry

The last few years have seen a tremendous increase of the collection and use of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data for 3D modeling of cities, forest surveys and autonomous driving. In the context of 3D cities, buildings are reconstructed separately, sometimes with the help of aerial images. The accuracy assessment of these 3D models is not straightforward. However, end-point users need to know how reliable the models are for using them for tasks such as roofing quotes and solar installations design. The aim of this research is to design a reliable method for validating the rooftop model structure and its quality, and for automatically diagnose potential errors. Their localization will allow the design of auto-correction rules for improving the models.TO BE CONT’d

Faculty Supervisor:

Nizar Bouguila


Walid Masoudimansour


Sofdesk Inc




Alternative energy




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