Toronto Ambient Air Quality Impacts from COVID-19

The use and burning of fossil fuels, such as oil and gas for transportation and industrial activities, are sources of both air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. While air pollution affects human health, greenhouse gas contributes to climate change. Therefore, reducing fossil fuel use can improve air quality as well as help fight climate change. The restrictions on transportation and industrial activities put in place in Toronto to limit the spread of COVID-19 provide a unique opportunity to help identify the sources of air pollution in the area. The proposed project will study variations of air pollutants concentrations before, during, and after the implementation of movement restrictions to understand the relative contributions of local sources to air pollution and their relationships with human behavior and activity. Further, as there may be a possible link between air pollution exposure and higher incidences of contracting COVID-19, this study will also help inform the City for the implementation of a recovery and rebuild scenario post COVID-19.

Faculty Supervisor:

Matthew Adams;Ahmet Emre Karatas;Fatih Sekercioglu;Greg Evans


Priya Patel;Christian Hui


City of Toronto


Geography / Geology / Earth science





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