Total Versus Bioaccessible Soil Sterilants (Bromacil and Tebuthiuron)

Bioaccessibility of soil sterilants is a limitation in management of sterilant-impacted sites. The term ‘bioaccessibility’ means: what is immediately available, plus that which may become available. Studies have been conducted to examine the bioaccessible fraction of various soil sterilants after different aging periods; however, studies have not been conducted in Alberta. Immobilization technologies such as activated carbon have been applied to sterilant impacted sites in Alberta for decades (Drozdowski et al. 2018). Given the uncertainty associated with the bioaccessibility of soil sterilants over time, there is a reluctance from a regulatory perspective to accept immobilization as a long-term solution for managing sterilant impacted surface soils. There is a need to identify methods for quantifying bioaccessible concentrations of sterilants in soil at different aging times from the application of activated carbon to properly manage sterilant impacted sites.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sylvie Quideau


Jackie Maxwell


InnoTech Alberta Inc


Resources and environmental management


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Alberta



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