Toward a Cross-Cultural Ethics for Human-Caribou Engagement

This project will use ethnographic and community-based participatory research methods to develop a cross-cultural, community-driven ethical model for caribou research, management, and conservation in and around La Ronge, SK. The project will contribute to caribou work already underway between the partner organization, Prince Albert Model Forest (PAMF), and Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB), e.g. collecting traditional ecological knowledge regarding woodland caribou to contribute to range planning. It is directly related to a PAMF objective, working effectively and meaningfully with Indigenous communities and organizations. The project will help to enhance PAMF’s relationship with LLRIB, reinforcing to the LLRIB community that their contributions to previous studies in this field have contributed to continuing protection for caribou populations – this may increase the community’s support of research. Lastly, this project will directly apply to other organizations and governments working with communities, which benefits the partners who are part of the PAMF board.

Faculty Supervisor:

Clinton Westman


Heather Pospisil


Prince Albert Model Forest


Environmental sciences


Aboriginal affairs




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