Toward a more Accessible Canada: Benchmarking and Analyzing Accessibility in Canadian Municipalities

The project aims to collect accessibility data in rural municipalities in six town across Canada. These six municipalities include Salmon Arm and Golden, BC., Sylvan and Banff AB., and Rosetown and Maple Creek, SK. The accessibility data will look at a variety of different features that will deem a public business (hotels, restaurants, public services, etc.) either accessible, partially accessible, or not accessible. This will benefit the Canadian community by having open access (public) data that will allow people to see where accessible businesses are in their communities or when they are traveling in Canada. This will also benefit AccessNow by adding to their app and giving them reliable data that might be hard to collect being that they are located in Ontario and our data will be coming from BC, AB and SK.

Faculty Supervisor:

Victoria Fast


Rhiannon Scott


Access Now


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Information and cultural industries


University of Calgary



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