Toward Net Zero Transportation: Environmental benefits of Hydrogen-fuelled Trucks

Hydra Energy Corporation Commercial Demonstration Project based in Prince George, British Columbia 12.4 MT/day of waste hydrogen will be captured, purified and transported to an onsite hydrogen refueling station from which Class 8 tractor-trailer truck fleets will refuel daily. Hydra’s demonstration project can provide a significant reduction in fleet greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions, Particulate Matter and other air emissions.

The R&D project results will advance the scientific knowledge of hydrogen in internal combustion engines, support the granting of a third party verification/certification of the environmental benefits of Hydra’s technology, and will help to expand the availability of clean energy transportation technologies in and beyond B.C.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steven Rogak


Mark Guan


Hydra Energy Corporation


Engineering - mechanical



University of British Columbia



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