Towards a patient-centered eHealth system through the integration of cloud services into OpenEMR

Healthcare organizations in British Columbia currently lack an eHealth system as a network of multiple data sources to manage EMRs in meaningful ways. To support clinician decision in operational needs, this project will research the usability of a GUI as an EMR summary view in the Canadian healthcare context for both providers and patients and investigate integrate data from provincial EMRs information systems. Afterwards, another research on how to present the collected information in a meaningful, contextual relevant way will be carried out to assist healthcare data management, and finally a patient portal will be designed to help healthcare providers improve their individual medical services. This system will facilitate the partner’s healthcare business by supporting clinical decision making and improving the patient experience of care.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zheng Liu


Usama Zafar Ansari






Health care and social assistance


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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