Towards a Universal Cloud-based IoT Platform for Smart Applications

With the Internet of Things technology, a multitude of small devices and sensors are connected to the cloud and social networks using the Internet. These devices generate a huge volume of data, which can be used to discover trends and profiles. This enables building diverse useful applications for our modern society. This project is a collaboration with the industrial partner ACME Engineering Products, which manufactures sensing technologies. Our objective is to design and test a universal, autonomic and adaptable IoT system that can be managed remotely by the end-user and which can be used in a variety of smart applications. Three Master students carry out this project in an industrial context and help them acquire industrial experience and make them valuable future employees in the embedded and IoT systems field.

Faculty Supervisor:

Abdelouahed Gherbi


Vigninou Horace Horace Gandji, Mahjoub Ghoudi, Ilyass Arbaoui


ACME Engineering Products Ltd


Engineering - civil


Information and communications technologies




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