Towards adaptive radiation therapy using real-time USprobe

In radiotherapy, patients receive treatment doses daily, often for many weeks. Every day, the same treatment plan is delivered and the assumption is that the patient anatomy is fixed and always identical to the anatomy at the time of the early planning stages. Adaptive radiation therapy offers a new paradigm by estimating the real daily dose delivered to the patient, taking into account the specific deformation and displacement of the various volumes. The objective of the research project is to use real-time ultrasound imaging to locate and study the target volume – for prostate and cervix patients – to ultimately develop adaptive radiation therapy techniques. Trans-perineal ultrasound will be used for prostate while trans-abdominal ultrasound will be used for cervix. This project is a collaboration between an industry-based engineering partner and a clinical-based academic collaborator.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-Francois Carrier


Alexandre Labine




Visual arts


Medical devices




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