Towards Detection of Subclinical Joint Bleeds in Hemophiliacs: Advanced Imaging

This project aims to assess how the use of the novel “ultra-short echo-time” (UTE) MR imaging technology can “add value to” conventional MRI for detection and quantification of blood products in hemophilic joints. We will test this novel technology in joints of hemophilic patients with different stages of arthropathy presenting with blood products at different stages of degradation as compared with existing MRI sequences. With this study we should initiate the process of validation of UTE MRI for assessment of hemophilic joints at a time where joint changes are still reversible and could be “saved” from arthropathy. We should also be able to make recommendations on an optimal protocol for assessment of hemophilic joints. We hope that this new technique improves diagnosis and management of hemophilic patients by guiding prophylaxis in places where development and/or progression of arthropathy can be delayed or interrupted by regular infusions of factor concentrate replacement.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrea Doria


Haris Majeed


Siemens Healthcare Ltd.




Medical devices


University of Toronto



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